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We are focused on building our reputation as a responsible and stable employer. We invest in our employees to improve the efficiency of work processes and help them realise their personal ambitions while achieving our operational goals. We pay particular attention to ensuring safety and enhancing our safety culture. We create an environment where employees can develop their skills on a daily basis, take advantage of the career opportunities available within the company, and be part of a culture that takes into account the characteristics of the individual and everyone can feel respected and supported.

As of 31 December 2022, our seven Global Ports terminals employed 2,961 people, with an average headcount of 2,917 in 2022. At the same time, the voluntary turnover rate was 11.5% (336 people left the Company on their own volition).

Diversity Length of service (years) Diversity, inclusion, and equality

Employees play an important role in our success, so it is vital that we create a workplace that is inclusive and increases diversity. In doing so, and creating a corporate culture that embraces diversity, we can access a wider talent pool and build a more resilient business. We do not discriminate against employees on the basis of race, religious, or political beliefs, marital status, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

Our approach is enshrined in our Code of Ethics, which all employees must observe. All forms of discrimination are prohibited and all allegations of harassment, including sexual and racial harassment, are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. We continue to promote diversity and equal opportunities through staff communication and training. Traditionally, the logistics industry has employed more men than women. Female representation within the industry has been always low. At the year-end, females made up 29% of our total employees at the Group, including 25% of operational staff and 62% of administrative staff. On the Board of Directors, 11% of the members are women.

In 2022, the Company launched a programme to train women for crane operator positions. This programme has been a development opportunity for many female employees at Global Ports, providing them with interesting and rewarding jobs.

Human rights

At Global Ports, we recognise the civil, political, economic, and social human rights and freedoms of every individual, and we strive to build on them in our business activities. Our Code of Ethics incorporates our commitment to human rights, which is strictly in accordance with Russian and international laws. Our human rights approach is aligned with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The policy in this regard establishes minimum thresholds with regard to human rights that employees and those who work with the Group must meet.

Plans for human resource development

The Company will continue to implement practices for the development and improvement of personnel efficiency in 2023, in particular we will focus on the following measures:

Implementation of development programmes for managers Creation of a talent pool for line managers and key terminal experts Development, promotion, and preservation of a compelling employer brand Support of well-being programme that aims to maintain the physical and mental health of employees A corporate sports programme Improvements to employee satisfaction with working conditions Improvements to the remuneration systems and the implementation of a grading system Development of a system for internal communications and informing employees