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We believe that open and transparent communication is vital to a successful workplace. We recognise that regular engagement with our workforce helps to motivate them to perform. We provide updates on our strategic priorities and business performance through a variety of communication channels including management briefings, internal emails and our recently launched intranet portal.

Global Ports employs a workforce of more than 2,800 people. Having a professional, motivated, well-managed, and supported workforce is critical to our success and to delivering value for all stakeholders in the business. We aspire to be a culture where professionals of all backgrounds are welcomed and encouraged to give their best and develop their full potential.

Performance and development

To underpin and sustain our long-term growth, we must ensure that we have the right people to deliver for our customers, both today and in the future. This means that the recruitment and development of our people is a critical part of our business strategy. We want to provide a dynamic and exciting workplace that is attractive to both existing employees and new recruits.

We are committed to providing opportunities for personal growth and career development to all our employees. We offer fast-track development opportunities to our high potential employees. At the same time, we continue to work on developing our next generation of leaders, empowering and involving them into business issues and supporting them with coaching, mentoring and development programmes.

We offer a fair and competitive reward package which ensures our people feel incentivised to succeed, encourages high individual and team performance and helps the Group to attract and retain new talent. We have detailed performance management systems in place across the Group to ensure that our rewards packages are aligned and clearly linked to our corporate goals.

Diversity: length of service (years)

Diversity & inclusion

We see diversity as a positive advantage. As a business, it is imperative that we ensure access to the widest pool of talent available, selecting the best candidates based on their ability to do the job. Our approach is set out in our Code of Ethics and Conduct and underpinned by our values. Global Ports operates in a sector that has traditionally employed many more men than women.

At Global Ports we continue to work to change this. Women are well represented at all levels in the business including in senior management and on the Board. As at the year end, 32% of our total workforce was female, including 27% of production staff and 65% of administrative staff. Out of our eleven-strong Board, women represent 27% of its membership and two out of the three independent directors. At senior and upper management levels a quarter is female. We continue to examine ways to increase the diversity of our organisation both at the group level and at the operating level.