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Global Ports considers adherence to the goals of sustainable development as one of its key priorities and an integral part of the Company’s development strategy. The previous year was a difficult period, when some of our terminals experienced increased loads, while others were actively rebuilding their business.

Despite this, Global Ports has not forgotten the need to do business responsibly and safely. We set the goal of not losing our achievements in matters concerning sustainable development, and we fulfilled it. The Company remains an attractive, responsible employer, is implementing a number of environmental initiatives, and has a transparent corporate governance system.

In 2022, not only the Company, but also its staff faced a stressful situation. We understand how crucial it is to support employees and their families, and it is not only about financial but also psychological support. In 2022, Global Ports launched a psychological helpline for employees. We saw that our colleagues needed this service and helped many of them get through a difficult period in their lives. Staff support and establishing comfortable working conditions remain an important priority for our Company. We have retained a strong team, thus creating the potential for the dynamic growth of our business.

Global Ports has now entered a new stage of development. Having become part of the Delo Group, we have already begun adapting its best ESG practices. In particular, as of January 2023, Global Ports joined the Delo Group’s programme to increase the birth rate and support motherhood and childhood. This was preceded by extensive preparatory work, which we carried out in 2022. The demographic project provides for progressive benefits and its rapid increase with the birth of a third child. Specifically, upon the birth of a third and subsequent children, employees receive a payment of RUB 1 million. In addition, employees with children may receive additional payments during maternity leave, additional sick leave benefits during pregnancy, compensation for kindergarten and children’s camp vouchers upon early return from maternity leave, expansion of the medical insurance programme, and other benefits. We also have a new ‘social manager’ position on our staff list. The social manager’s responsibilities include supporting the corporate programme and informing our employees about the state benefits system.

Now the Company’s task is to help our shareholder in implementing its ESG goals, combine our shareholder’s extensive ESG experience with the expertise that Global Ports already has, and mutually enrich and develop the practices of both Global Ports and the Delo Group. This is what we see as our goal for 2023.