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As an internationally listed company, Global Ports’ ESG activities have always focused on best international practices, the requirements of international rating agencies and the expectations of global investment community. After the redomiciliation procedure of the Holding’s parent company to Russia was completed at the end of 2023, such issues as environmental protection, ensuring comfortable and safe working conditions, improving corporate culture, charity, transparency and ethical corporate governance are still of paramount importance to us.

Social issues were the main priority in 2023. The team is the Company’s main asset: through the efforts of all its employees, Global Ports achieves consistently high results that we can be proud of. With the dynamic changes taking place within the Company and in the economic environment and society, our employees need additional support. Today, we focus on the team and are not only committed to providing decent and competitive remuneration and safe working conditions, but also to giving employees every opportunity for professional growth and personal development and to providing material and non-material support to families with children.

One of our new objectives is to organise regular training for operational and administrative personnel. We have two key focuses: training in occupational health and safety and training in ways to improve operational efficiency.

Training young specialists is another important area of our work. We cooperate with the leading university that educates professionals for the industry — Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping.

In 2023, we established an independent internal communications department within Global Ports. Its main job is to inform all employees about significant events at the Company in a timely and reliable manner, as well as eliminate the gap between operational and administrative staff in terms of their awareness and participation in the Holding Company’s corporate life. In 2023, we expanded the voluntary health insurance programme starting from 2024, and we also continue to reimburse employees for sports activities. For the second year, we have had a support hotline for staff on psychological, legal and other personal issues, which has been popular among our employees.

The inclusion of Global Ports in the Delo Group’s overall sustainable development agenda is bearing fruit. During the reporting year, all Global Ports assets participated in the corporate programme launched by the controlling shareholder to increase birth rates and support motherhood and childhood. The programme offers additional benefits for employees with children, in particular, a RUB 1 million payment for the birth of a third and subsequent children. As a result, all Global Ports employees are now covered by the unified corporate standard developed as part of the Demographics national project to increase birth rates in the families of employees, improve the quality of life and support employees with children.