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At Global Ports, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of realising our core strategic priorities. The objectives for our business and CSR strategies are the same — to generate sustainable shareholder value over the long term.

Our CSR activity embraces 5 key objectives that support delivery of the Group’s overall commercial strategy. As a sustainable and responsible organisation, our objectives are to:

Follow responsible business practices especially with regard to Health, Safety and Environment; Deliver economic and social benefit to the communities we serve; Build employee advocacy for the Group and its role in the community; Manage the environmental impacts of our business operations; Communicate our commitment to corporate responsibility openly and transparently.

The long-term success of Global Ports is inextricably linked to our responsibility towards our people, our communities, the society and environment in which we operate. As a core infrastructure business, being a sustainable and responsible organisation is a critical component of Global Ports’ strategy and value proposition. To be a sustainable organisation means we have to manage our impact on stakeholders, by which we mean the environment, our people, the communities in which we operate, and our clients. We must ensure that we do all this to the highest standards of integrity and honesty possible.

Our approach to Corporate Responsibility (CR) underpins our long-term vision to be the partner of choice for our customers in our role as Russia’s best connected independent container terminal operator and is supported by our values and behaviours as an organisation.

Sustainability approach

We are deeply committed to being a responsible organisation and an active participant in the community, which means ensuring responsible environmental stewardship, promoting safe working conditions for our employees, supporting our local communities and creating long-term economic value for all our stakeholders.

The sustainability reporting landscape is evolving rapidly, and we recognise that as far as reporting is concerned we, like other companies, are on a long journey. Our intention is to ensure that our reporting is kept at a level which we believe is appropriate for the Group and also helpful for our stakeholders.