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Global Ports is a core infrastructure business that connects Russia’s economy to international markets and global trade flows. We play a positive role in society, with our seven marine container terminals handling millions of tonnes of cargo every year, supporting more than 2,800 jobs directly and many more indirectly. We believe our efforts are helping to widen prosperity, linking Russian companies to global customers, linking Russian consumers to global markets, providing employment and supporting local communities. We aim to be the best at what we do, acting responsibly at all times to ensure delivery of sustainable services to our customers, protection of the environment, support and safe working conditions for our employees, and social wellbeing.

Our business ethics

Our culture is one of honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability. We expect our employees to behave fairly and ethically at all times in their dealings with fellow employees, customers, contractors, suppliers, authorities and other stakeholders. Upholding high ethical standards is fundamental to maintaining our reputation. Everyone at Global Ports has a responsibility to understand and fulfil the ethical behaviours and standards of conduct set out in our Code of Ethics and Conduct. Every officer of the Group and employee who joins the Group is required to acknowledge that they have read the Code and understood its importance. The Group also expects its business partners and suppliers to be aware of our Code of Ethics and Conduct and to apply similar ethical standards to their own business operations.

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption

The Code of Ethics and Conduct is supported by detailed policies on related areas, including anti-bribery and corruption. Our Anti-Corruption Policy sets out our zero-tolerance policy on bribery and corruption in whatever form, and the Group’s anti-corruption framework is an important part of our risk management arrangements. This policy is there for any person working at or with Global Ports if they face a situation that they are concerned about or which contradicts the Code. Employees are encouraged to seek help from line managers and our legal team if they are concerned about what to do in difficult situations. Issues to do with known breaches of our anti-bribery policy are dealt with in accordance with our Investigation Policy that defines thorough process either performed or overseen by our internal audit team.


Global Ports has a group-wide whistleblowing policy that applies to all employees, contractors, suppliers and clients. The whistleblowing service which was established in 2017 enables people to report any suspected breaches of our Code of Ethics and Conduct or any other improper activities through our confidential hotline that delivers the message directly to the Audit & Risk Committee as well as the Head of Internal Audit. All reports are treated confidentially, and appropriately investigated and concluded. The Company maintains a non-retaliation policy that allows every employee to freely report their concerns.

Human rights

As a large company with international clients, we recognise our responsibility for upholding and protecting the human rights of our employees and other individuals with whom we deal in our business. We believe that all people are entitled to fundamental rights and freedoms, including those that relate to forced labour, child labour, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. Compliance with and respect for human rights are integrated throughout the Group. We support standards of fair treatment and non-discrimination, and we promote the importance of human rights throughout our operations and strive to prevent non-compliance and protect our employees’ rights. Our approach to human rights is based upon our Code of Ethics and Conduct and underpinned by our values and being in strict accordance with local and international human rights law.

Our suppliers

We enjoy good relations with our suppliers and we encourage them to operate with the high ethical standards that are set out in our Code of Ethics and Conduct.

We also work closely with them to establish high operating standards and proper accountability through the supply chain. The guidelines are covered in the Group’s Procurement Policy

The Procurement Department of Global Ports Management LLC has purchasing responsibility for the terminals of the Group based on the following principles:

Full compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, and in particular 223-FZ; Competitiveness and transparency; Supplier selection based on price, quality and timeliness; Total cost of ownership.

All procurement information is placed on and electronic marketplaces. All necessary information is also shared on the EIS (Electronic Information System) website

We publish all requests for tenders on websites mentioned above in order to ensure fairness and transparency in the tendering process. The Group’s procurement team monitors global best practice closely drawing on its relationship with APM Terminals.

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