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The Board takes its responsibilities for workforce engagement seriously. We believe that an engaged workforce is a source of competitive advantage in a service-led industry. We place considerable value on transparency with our employees, and keeping them informed on matters affecting them and the performance of the Group. This is achieved through a variety of means including: formal and informal briefings, internal communications, strategy workshops, training courses, via our new intranet platform and our Annual Report.

Employees and their representatives are consulted regularly on a variety of matters affecting their interests. We also conduct regular staff surveys and feedback sessions. The results of our most recent staff survey show that levels of satisfaction among our staff are high. Building on the positive response of employees, this year we have focused on:

Improving information-sharing about the Company’s strategy and priorities; Building a shared sense of unity and teamwork among employees; Building cross-functional working and reducing complexity; Reviewing rewards and benefit packages; Improving human resource management processes via implementing best practices and automating routine processes; Our new intranet communications platform provides a space for employees across the Group to connect, build networks, and share best working practices.