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Building a culture of engagement

We constantly engage with our employees through a variety of communication channels, such as briefings, workshops, surveys, and meetings. Through this approach, we aim to reinforce our employer brand and create a supportive corporate culture.

We regularly conduct satisfaction surveys and collect feedback on social and corporate programmes, and after summarising the results of the surveys, we discuss the feedback with employees as part of an open dialogue through webinars and face-to-face meetings at terminals. This helps us understand where improvements are needed and how we can improve working conditions.

The latest survey showed a consistently high level of satisfaction and a significant increase in employee loyalty.

The overall staff satisfaction rate was 84% for administrative staff and 81% for operational staff, which is a good result. The ENPS level for the Holding Company was 39%, a high level for operating companies. Although the rate has decreased since 2022, this is due to the fact that the strong increase in ENPS in 2022 was due to applicable additional measures to retain employees during a difficult period. The engagement level (according to Gallup methodology) was 75%, which is a good indicator compared with market benchmarks.

In 2023, Global Ports decided to strengthen its internal communications work. For this purpose, a separate focus was created within the Communications Department and a team was formed to focus on the content and coverage of corporate life at the Company.

Global Ports regularly organises events for employees’ children. In 2023, the Company continued the tradition of an annual children’s drawing competition. Children’s Days were organised at Global Ports terminals in Wrangel and St. Petersburg to coincide with International Children’s Day.

In 2023, Global Ports gave a massive boost to its sports movement. Employees took part in 10 corporate, city and federal sporting events under the Company’s flag.

The Company significantly expanded opportunities for its employees to interact informally and strengthen their horizontal ties. In 2023, Global Ports held the first company-wide professional skills competition among dockers and drivers of port equipment. In the end of 2023, corporate volunteering programme was launched at Global Ports.

Attracting and retaining talent

To attract and retain professional employees, we strive to create a competitive labour market offer that includes not only salary levels and performance bonuses, but also an extensive package of social benefits.

Our compensation packages are designed to reward success, recognise individual contributions to the Company’s development, and motivate employees to achieve goals. Our labour productivity management system is transparent and clear, and is closely linked to the Company’s strategic goals and operational efficiency.

As a responsible employer, Global Ports offers an attractive package of non-financial motivation measures for employees. This package includes voluntary medical insurance, gifts for holidays, the funding of corporate and sports events for employees and their children, and team-building events. Global Ports terminals also pay bonuses for anniversaries, provide partial compensation for visits to health resorts and children’s camps, and provide financial assistance to employees who find themselves in difficult life circumstances.

Training and development

Employee training and development are key components of Global Ports’ HR development strategy and are critical to the Company’s future success. We value each and every employee and are committed to providing development opportunities for our staff, with the aim of preparing the next generation of leaders to lead the Company. We offer a variety of training and development programmes to help our employees build their careers within Global Ports.

Succession planning and developing the next generation of leaders is a priority for the Holding. The Company spent a total of RUB 17.6 million on personnel training in various areas in 2023. As part of the corporate executive training programme, we continued internal training for leaders on how to adjust the work of teams and stitch together strategic and operational goals, and paid special attention to employee retention tools using coaching and mentoring techniques. In 2023, we cascaded the talent pool project to terminal operations to create an expert pool of human resources.

We are actively working to create a culture of generational continuity. Global Ports has a long-standing cooperation arrangement with the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping. As part of this partnership, the Company regularly organises career guidance tours and high-profile lectures at its terminals with experienced specialists and managers. In 2023, in partnership with the university, the Holding launched a training department for transport processes technology students at the Petrolesport terminal.