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Employee engagement and loyalty is a strategic area because our long-term success depends on a culture where our employees feel their involvement and value. The attitude of our employees to the Group is of paramount importance to the Group itself, so getting feedback from employees as part of project work is essential to building the foundations for the future.

We strive to create a continuity of generations culture within the Company. Global Ports has been cooperating with the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping for many years. The university regularly hosts Global Ports Weeks, where our employees share their experience with students. University students can visit the Company’s terminals as part of the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping Weeks, which are also regularly held at Global Ports. In 2022, the Company opened a classroom at one of the terminals, where students are trained in the field.

We regularly communicate with our employees through various communication channels, ensuring effective and consistent informing and interaction. These channels include regular briefings, workshops, strategic sessions, surveys, and meetings to obtain feedback newspaper and Telegram channel. We believe that regular communication helps build a strong employee brand and supportive company culture. We conduct periodic employee surveys to give our employees an opportunity to say what they think about Global Ports’ activities and what we can do to make it even better. Our latest survey showed a high level of satisfaction among our employees and a multi-fold increase in our loyalty ratio.

In 2022, we focused not only on retaining the team but also on integrating all employees into the overall corporate environment.

The overall staff satisfaction rate last year was 83% for administrative personnel and 82% for operational personnel, which is a good result The ENPS rate for the Group more than doubled over the previous year, from 20% to 48%, which is a good signal for us ʽ The engagement level (according to Gallup methodology) was 76%, which is a good level compared to market benchmarks

In 2022, we launched a project to involve N-2 level leaders in the strategic planning of the Group’s activities through regular strategic sessions. During the year, we organised such meetings for the top-20 and top-80 employees in the North-West, and also held a separate meeting for the Far East team. The Group extended the project until 2023.

Global Ports regularly holds events for employees’ children. For example, in 2022, the Company held a drawing contest among children called “Port of the Future through the Eyes of a Child”. A children’s day was organised on PLP for all employees of the Groups in the North-West with a tour for young visitors, a similar event was held at the VSC.

Also in 2022, Global Ports introduced corporate teams in various sports disciplines. Company representatives took part in the Luga Railway Half Marathon, Pushkin Run, AuroraSwim swim, and other events.

Attracting and retaining talent

In order to recruit and retain qualified employees, we strive to create a competitive offer in the market that includes both salary levels, performance bonuses, and a set of social benefits. Compensation packages reward success, recognise individual contribution, and motivate our employees to achieve goals. Our performance management system is transparent and easy to understand and closely aligned with strategic objectives and operational effectiveness.

As a responsible employer, the Group strives to offer an attractive package of nonfinancial incentives for current and prospective employees. This package includes voluntary health insurance, holiday gifts, financing of corporate events for employees and their children, teambuilding, and sports events organised by the Group’s companies. Global Ports terminals provide bonuses for anniversaries, partial compensation for health resorts and children’s camps, and financial assistance to employees in difficult life situations.

Training and development

Training and development are important elements of the Group’s overall people development strategy and are considered crucial to its future success. We value all our employees, and we are committed to providing them with opportunities both to develop their talents and ensure we are developing the next generation of leaders.

We invest in a wide range of training and development opportunities to help employees build a career at Global Ports. In 2022, 843 employees of the Group underwent advanced training and training in development programmes in external and internal training formats. The Company’s expenditures on external personnel training in 2022 amounted to RUB 10,927 million. We paid particular attention to developing the leadership skills of all Group managers and developing soft skills, such as emotional intelligence and mental health in employees. In addition, we continued to work on improving the skills of our operational personnel, focusing on preparing employees for changing types of cargo and work technologies.

Succession planning and developing the next generation of leaders is a priority for the Group. In 2022, we continued to implement programmes to develop individual skills and teamwork, using facilitation, coaching, and mentoring techniques and management courses.